You can contact me in various ways. Why, you ask? Maybe you’re another researcher, you’ve read about my research interests, and you’re interested in a potential collaboration. Maybe you’ve got a project or an organization that is looking to hire a consultant with an expertise in evolutionary theory. Maybe you’re interested in having me come to where you work and give a moving, entertaining, thought-provoking, and inspiring lecture. Maybe we know each other from high school, and I still owe you money for pizza.

To reach me about something related to my work in biology, the best e-mail address is

To reach me about poetry, my comic, my blog, or some other such thing, try

Of course, if you choose the wrong e-mail address, it doesn’t really matter. It’s not like I’m going to say, “Ooh, that sounds really interesting, but it came to the wrong e-mail address, so I guess I’ll have to throw it in the trash. Oh, well.”

Here are some other places you can connect with me:

Twitter (@jonfwilkins)

LinkedIn (Jon Wilkins)

Tumblr (Subjective Correlative)

Google+ (Jon Wilkins)

Mendeley (Jon Wilkins)

So, go on then, connect already!

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