Well Thank God for THAT: Booty Pillow

So, have you been having a hard time getting your booty rest? Maybe the problem is that you’ve been sleeping on normal pillow like a schmuck.

Lucky for you, someone has invented the booty pillow, which, according to the website,

The Booty PillowTM is the world’s first male comfort pillow.  While it is a male comfort pillow, the ladies love it too! The pillow is made to replicate the feeling of laying on a woman’s backside. Cause really, who doesn’t love laying on nature’s pillow???

Men and women love the Booty Pillow — especially while playing virtual twister over the internet using their new kinect. 
Although . . . it seems that men love it more than women — so much, in fact, that their wives/girlfriends are forced to turn to lesbianism.

The Booty Pillow is shaped and styled like a woman’s back — at least if the woman is a thong-wearing quintuple amputee.

It comes in a variety of colors, including (left to right in the top picture) cheetah, caramel, burgundy, and chocolate, as well as (not pictured) “Amsterdaaamn,” snow leopard, and two collegiate colors (crimson and purple) for your recent grad.

Hat tip to Jeremy Van Cleve, who sits on an enormous ovary pillow when he is working at his desk, which explains both his rock-hard abs and his stone-cold evolutionary theory.

Antibiotic resistance and corporate agriculture

So, over the weekend, Nicholas Kristof wrote a nice piece in the New York Times in which he laid out the basic facts and statistics regarding the cavalier use of antibiotics in agriculture. His column is full of interesting (i.e., depressing) figures, one of the most striking of which is that the agricultural use of antibiotics in the state of North Carolina exceeds the medical use of antibiotics for the entire United States.

Anyway, the basic punchline is this: when someone in your family is hospitalized or killed by some food-borne, antibiotic-resistant pathogen, you can thank the huge agricultural corporations and the millions of lobbyist dollars they have spent blocking food-safety legislation.

Happy eating!

These full-page comics come out badly here on the blog, so to see a more readable version, go to the Darwin Eats Cake website.

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Sørensen SJ, Bailey M, Hansen LH, Kroer N, & Wuertz S (2005). Studying plasmid horizontal transfer in situ: a critical review. Nature reviews. Microbiology, 3 (9), 700-10 PMID: 16138098

Happy D-Day

So, you all know that on this day in 1944 a coalition of allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy, but do you know what else happened on June 6?

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Diamonds unlikely to form in gas giants like Uranus


This paper is a few years old, but it appears that back in 2007, its working title was actually “Diamonds unlikely in gas giants like Uranus,” and this was the title of multiple news stories covering the results at the time.

Unfortunately, it seems that the title had been changed by the time it actually made it into PRL, possibly when one of the senior authors actually read the manuscript.

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Ghiringhelli LM, Valeriani C, Meijer EJ, & Frenkel D (2007). Local structure of liquid carbon controls diamond nucleation. Physical review letters, 99 (5) PMID: 17930770