On Schekman’s Call to Boycott the “Luxury” Science Journals

So, over at the Ronin Blog, I have posted my thoughts on the column written by new Nobel Laureate Randy Schekman where he urges all of us to boycott the journals Science, Nature, and Cell.

The basic argument is that the core problem is not these journals, but the use of publication in these journals (and other, equally superficial metrics) as proxies for quality.

Read it. Read It! READ IT!

Remarkable in the NYT Again

So, since the readers of this blog are, like, totally cultured and stuff, I’m sure you all spent Sunday poring over the New York Times Book Review. But, if you did not read the whole thing — presumably because the paper burst into flames when exposed to the searing heat of your intelligence — you might have missed the big ol’ ad Penguin placed there encouraging you to purchase some of their books this holiday season.


Six excellent books for the young person (say, 7ish to maybe 13ish) in your life who still needs a present, especially if you’re the weird, misunderstood, intellectual-but-still-cool aunt and/or uncle. Of particular note is the book in the upper right corner, Remarkable, by Lizzie K. Foley, who is renowned not only as a middle-grade author, but as the wife of Lost in Transcription blogger Jon Wilkins.