On Schekman’s Call to Boycott the “Luxury” Science Journals


So, over at the Ronin Blog, I have posted my thoughts on the column written by new Nobel Laureate Randy Schekman where he urges all of us to boycott the journals Science, Nature, and Cell.

The basic argument is that the core problem is not these journals, but the use of publication in these journals (and other, equally superficial metrics) as proxies for quality.

Read it. Read It! READ IT!


4 thoughts on “On Schekman’s Call to Boycott the “Luxury” Science Journals

  1. Ralph Haygood

    I read it. I agree completely. I don’t have much more to say, because (a) after all my years in academia, I’m really tired of all this – the nepotism, the posturing, etc. – and (b) now that I’m no longer an academic, I don’t have to deal with it anymore, thank goodness.

    1. jonfwilkins Post author

      Yeah, many of these problems are standard human behavior that you encounter everywhere, but there is a certain type of posturing that gets taken to extremes in academia that you just don’t see anywhere else.


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