So, here’s what I’ve noticed about the web. There are not enough blogs! I aim to remedy that by creating this one. (Pregnant pause) Alright, NOW there are enough blogs. Whew.

Like you, I am a number of things, but the two that are relevant here are: evolutionary biologist and poet. This will be a place for discussion of various topics in evolutionary biology (and science more generally), poetry (and language more generally), and the places where these things intersect.
Some of the topics will be discussions of individual poems or books, or recent scientific publications. Some will be more meta-discussions of nebulous topics like, “What constitutes poetry?” or “What is the relationship between the societal roles played by science and poetry?” Some will be shameless promotions of my own work and ideas in these areas. And, undoubtedly, some will be unprincipled rantings about unrelated topics, such as politics or reality television.
Hopefully, some coherence will emerge, or, if not, perhaps a pleasing decoherence.

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