Reflected Glory: Vi Hart

So, here is the debut of yet another new feature: Reflected Glory. This series will contain my callous and cynical attempts to convince you that this blog is really interesting and valuable because it is interested in and values interesting and valuable things.

To launch this feature, we have the math, music, and awesomeness blog of Vi Hart. You can get instructions on how to slice apples into Platonic Solids. You can listen to original stories set to original music. And you can watch the Doodling in Math Class video series, which covers things like how to draw an infinite line of camels such that they reach exactly to the edge of the page.

If you’re a math geek, this is probably already bookmarked on your browser. If you’re not, don’t let that stop you from checking it out. The site is not about math in the sense of memorization, abstract notation, and jargon. It is about the beauty of patterns and music and fun. You’ll want to spend plenty of time exploring.

The downside is that you will feel totally inadequate after seeing what this talented artist, composer, musician, mathematician, and expositor can do.

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