Darwin Eats Cake!

So, my new webcomic has been on hiatus for a couple of weeks, during which I have been making some changes.  I have reenvisioned all of the characters using original artwork, and I have given it a title and a home. The title is Darwin Eats Cake, and the URL, predictably, is http://www.darwineatscake.com.

This is Dev.

I have recreated the seven strips that have been published here on Lost in Transcription, and they are now all available at the comic’s site. I will shortly be replacing the blog versions with the new ones.  I hope to post new strips at a rate of about two per week. If I can manage it, I will set specific days.

I’ll continue to cross-post all new strips here. The idea is that darwineatscake.com will be a nice, clean site, featuring only the comics.  Since many of the strips make reference to the scientific literature, the cross-posted versions here will contain references and potentially brief discussions.

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