Well Thank God for THAT: Breastfeeding Doll

So, here’s the latest must-have Christmas gift for the parents who want to raise their daughters to believe that their only value to society is their ability to breed. Introducing Bebé Glotón. I’m going to deliberately refrain from employing Google Translate here and just say that it means “Gluttonous Baby” in, let’s say, Provençal.

Now, I should say that I’ve got no horse in the breastfeeding race. And, to be fair, as far as sex-role stereotypes that get reinforced by children’s toys go, this at least has a reasonable physiological basis.

The thing that really strikes me is how much this toy would . . . er . . . suck. Just look at the girl’s face as she is demonstrating feeding and then burping Gluttonous Baby. That look in her eyes is her pleading with her overbearing stage parents to please, please let her go play with a more entertaining toy, like maybe that stick on the ground that they walked by on the way to the studio.

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