Well Thank God for THAT: Thunderwear

So, this comes to us from the file of things you didn’t even know you needed: Thunderwear! What is Thunderwear, you ask? Obviously, it is underwear with a built-in holster for your gun. Well, I guess technically it is a holster that you wear under your pants, but over your underwear. But, that assumes that you actually own and wear underwear, and I don’t like to make assumptions about my readers. You know what happens when you assume!

On the Thunderwear website, the filename for this photo is actually “happy.jpg.” Insert “is that a ___ in your pocket . . .” joke here.

Anyway, I wanted to draw attention to this product, because most of this blog’s readers are probably academics, and the current wave of gun-lobby insanity is for states to allow concealed weapons to be carried at universities. Or, more specifically, to require universities to allow concealed weapons on campus. I believe that Utah has already passed such a law, and legislation has been proposed in a number of other states, including Texas and Arizona. So, next time a student comes in to argue about their grade on a test, you’ll be ready.

Pretty cool, but I’m going to wait for the one that I can customize with the name of my sorority across the backside. 

The site also provides testimonials. Here, by far, is the best one:

“I have been wearing it tonight with the P230 and it works fine. Tried it out at dinnertime in jeans & a t -shirt, neither wife nor kids were the wiser. thanks.” A.P Los Angeles CA.

No, indeed, they were not.

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