Let’s Voltron

So, by all indications, the rapture seems not to have happened this weekend. The leading theory seems to be that Macho Man Randy Savage stopped it in dramatic fashion.

Of course, the alternative is that Voltron intervened. After all, he is the Defender of the Universe.

Which leads me to our next video. Apparently, this summer Nicktoons is launching Voltron Force, based on the 1980s-era Voltron. I saw a lot of Voltron back in grad school junior high. Personally, I would be much more excited for a remake of Robotech, and not just because Lisa Hayes is much hotter than Princess Allura.

Perhaps I’m oversharing.

Anyway, here’s the theme song from the new Voltron Force, which is just sort of, well, something.

One thought on “Let’s Voltron”

  1. I agree whole-heartedly. Robotech not only launched my love of anime, it also is sorta responsible for me liking politics. I watch the old episodes on Hulu (Robotech, not Macross because the Japanese names and Min-Mei songs don’t spark nearly as much nostalgia). Its always great to see another fan!

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