Minnesota Republican John Kriesel gives moving speech on gay marriage

So, every now and then, something happens in state politics that reaffirms my faith in democracy. It happens when someone governs like a human being who actually loves America and Americans. When they take a stand based on their beliefs, rather than polling numbers and lobbyist dollars.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this at the national level.

In this case, the reaffirmation comes from Minnesota, where state representative John Kriesel gave a moving speech about why he was voting against a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

The punchline? Kriesel is a Republican — one of only two to vote against the amendment.

I don’t know what political repercussions Kriesel will suffer as a result. But that’s what is so beautiful about this speech. It seems that Kriesel doesn’t care, and is actually voting for what he thinks is right. If we could figure out a way to fill all of our elected positions with people willing to do that, we would live in a very different and much better America.

Now, it’s not all silver lining. The measure passed the Minnesota House 70-62. And, just to make sure we all understand the profound spitefulness of this amendment, there is already a law banning gay marriage in Minnesota.

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2 thoughts on “Minnesota Republican John Kriesel gives moving speech on gay marriage”

  1. Kudos to Rep. Kriesel. It takes courage to vote against your party (and your constituency and the lobbyist $$$), whatever side of any issue you represent. His speech could have been a little stronger on the logic side and little less invasive to the heartstrings, for my tastes, but I agree with him about gay marriage. Stop the unjust persecution. Legalize it.

    But the most distressing thing to me about this whole issue (among others)—even more than the lobbyists—is that many (if not most, if not all) of the 70 were also voting for what they think is right.

  2. “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation”.

    Really, of all the things to worry about, that this would still be such a hot-button issue is pretty depressing. We’ve allowed gay marriage here in Canada and our entire social structure hasn’t collapsed into sin and villainy, but hey, we’re quiet and polite, so maybe that wouldn’t happen in America 😉

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