An advance for Pastafarian rights

So, Pastafarianism, the faith of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is unquestionably the awesomest line of defense against intelligent design and the slippery slope to theocracy.

Created by Oregon State Physics grad student Brian Henderson in 2005 to protest Kansas’s decision to teach intelligent design in schools, the Flying Spaghetti Monster has spread around the world. If you’re not familiar, the basic idea is this: if you’re going to teach intelligent design in schools based on the Christian Bible, you have to give equal time to other religions, including one that believes that in a supernatural creator that looks like this:

Well, according to the BBC, atheist Niko Alm told Austrian authorities that he is a devout Pastafarian, and that his religion requires him to wear a spaghetti strainer on his head, including in his drivers license photo. It took three years, and Alm was required to undergo a medical interview to determine that he was psychologically fit to drive, but his request was finally honored:


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