God thinks Casey Anthony is guilty, or hates trees, or something

So, you’ve no doubt been made aware that a Florida jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of killing her daughter, Caylee, on Tuesday. Well, now the heavens have weighed in on the case, as lightning has struck a tree close to the shrine erected near the place where Caylee’s remains were found back in 2008.

The tree struck by lightning, via Brooklyn Mutt’s tumblr.

Here’s what some random people passing through the area had to say to the Orlando Sentinel:

“God has spoken. Casey’s guilty,” said Nicole Perez of Vero Beach as she walked to the mosquito-infested site beneath a steady rain. Perez and her colleague Michelle Cooper of West Palm Beach decided to stop after attending a business meeting in town.

As Cooper peered up at the exposed white bark of the pine tree she said: “That is what I call Karma.”

Yes, Nicole Perez of Vero Beach and Michelle Cooper of West Palm Beach, a woman was found innocent of killing her daughter, despite Nancy Grace’s saying she was guilty every night for the past two-and-a-half years, so the Christian God causes lightning to strike a tree, yes, that is exactly how Karma works.

Within a day of the verdict, Vivid Entertainment offered Casey a contract as a porn star. However, the offer was withdrawn┬áthe next day due to an “overwhelmingly negative response” from the public.

Being so reviled that even the porn industry won’t touch you: that is how Karma works.

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