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So, this will not come as a shock to those of you who know me, or who have seen me dressed, but I only go shopping for clothes about once a year. This weekend was one of those rare occasions, which meant that I had to look up our local mall on Google (Willowbrook, as featured on How I Met Your Mother).

What I did not expect was to come across a little treasure trove of user reviews. I can’t say why, exactly, but I find the idea of user reviews of a mall charming.

Sic, throughout:

This is like the best mall in the whole state of new jersey,i realy go up there for the ride is like an ahour and fourty something min. But i enjoy the view & i only shop or visit the apple store, like for instence i been waiting for a friend of mine’s to make up his freaking mind to go i been waiting for a weak or more on him, i can’t wait no longer i have to go up there so they can update my ipad2 . But yes sir! The best mall is willow brook mall!!!

I feel suffocated by the largescale consumerism and the mind boggling highway structure that surround this mall. 

Willowbrook Mall is suppose to be ghetto. LOL Also, this mall back in the day used to be good now it pretty much died out. The new hottest (GHETTO)mall in jersey LOL is Garden State Mall.

For comparison, here are a couple of reviews of Garden State Plaza (aka Garden State Mall), which, you may have heard, is the new hottest (GHETTO)mall in jersey LOL.

It’s the best mall in New jersey it has the biggest Johnny Rocket’s and the best Quiksilver and also Timberland is the best store to get your work boots

I rather be at the westchester mall y go to another state shop go truth bullshit of traffic and give them my money when I could spend’it in my owne state ny f.u

 and, for the final word on this most hottest (GHETTO) LOL of malls:

Liked: Hot chicks
Disliked: Service 

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