Well Thank God for THAT: Mood ring tail

So, remember last year, when Japanese company Neurowear came out with cat ears that you wear, and that sense your mood, and then move around accordingly?

Well, now they’re coming out with the tail version! Not only does your tail wag in accordance with your sensed mood, it will transmit your mood to a social network, so that you can “search for places that many people found relaxing,” and not at all so that you can “figure out where all the horny people are.”

Here’s the “concept movie,” which is set to the exact same music as the cat-ears concept movie. When we find this kind of self plagiarism in biology, we call it “convergent evolution.” Typically it means that nature has found an optimal(ish) solution that is strongly favored by natural selection. Either that, or that biology’s marketing department is lazy and overpaid.

Oh, and it’s name is “shippo.”

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