LiL DEBBiE’s "Michelle Obama" will bring back your election hangover

So, of all the things you can do to celebrate Barack Obama’s reelection, here is unquestionably the worst: watch the video of the song “Michelle Obama” by LiL DEBBiE, best known for being the girl with no rhythm in the Kreayshawn “Gucci Gucci” video.

The song also features the lyrical stylings of RiFF RAFF. No, sadly, that’s not the leader of the Catillac Cats, it’s just another Southern California rapper with questionable capitalization skills and parents (Bill and Melinda RAFF, I assume) who are questioning the wisdom of having named their son “RiFF.”

The one sliver of good news is that the lyric is “Presidential tint,” and not “Presidential tits,” which is how you heard it.

Also, I like to imagine that LiL and RiFF cut an alternative track that would have been released in the event of a Romney victory. I’m thinking instead of “Presidential tint, Michelle Obama / Frozen femurs in the freezer, Jeffrey Dahmer,” the line would have been “Presidential tint, Ann Romney / Egg salad in the deli case, and salami.” What do you think?

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