The NY Jets Almost Make Me Want to Watch Football

So, I’ve never really been a big Football fan (“American Football” for our international readers). But, as a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, if I were to start following Football, I’ve found my team in the New York Jets.

Check out this awesome play from this week’s Jets game. Jets QB Mark Sanchez tries to carry the ball up the middle, but runs smack into the rear end of one of his offensive linemen, who then falls over backwards and winds up sitting on him. During the collision, Sanchez fumbles the ball, which is returned for a Patriots touchdown.

The official story seems to be that Sanchez was sliding. I’ve watched this several times, and it really looks more like he was just not paying attention to where he was going. It’s like watching pee-wee league, but with 250-pound toddlers (i.e., awesome).

(The NFL has pulled this video)

Here’s the GIF version of the money shot from Deadspin. I could watch this all day long.

All. Day. Long.

4 thoughts on “The NY Jets Almost Make Me Want to Watch Football”

  1. This was by far the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a football game, and I’ve been watching my whole life (I’m a Patriots fan, which made it even more sweet).

    In fact, that was probably the most entertaining quarter of football I’ve ever watched. The best stat: the Patriots scored 35 points in the quarter, tied for the most points ever in one quarter in the NFL, and they only had possession for 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

    If you’re a fan of disappointment, it is hard to do worse than Sanchez and the Jets. And, in fact, there’s now an opening for their #1 fan.

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