Darwin Eats Cake site redesign

When I first set up the website for Darwin Eats Cake, I used something called Comic CMS, an open-source content-management system written by “Steve H”. It’s a really nice little thing, with a clean appearance, a friendly GUI, and built-in functionality for posting news, scheduling comic publication, and so forth.

But then, “Steve H” got a “job”, and is no longer maintaining the program. So, things started to degrade. I was able to plug holes with virtual duck tape for a while, but it was getting to the point where I was breaking as many things as I was fixing.

Finally, I decided to build a completely new site using Drupal. This required some spin-up time, but the basic site is up and running now. I’m going to be adding new features, and I’m working my way through the comics increasing the resolution, but you can go there, flip through the back-catalog, and hit the share buttons. And now that the basics are in place, I can get back to actually making new ones.

So start submitting your evolution questions to Guillaume’s Mailbag!

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