Landmark images in the Google Quest Map

So, yesterday I posted about the cool 8-bit-style Google Maps option, where you can view thing is “Quest” mode, which basically looks sort of like 1980s-era Zelda.

The other cool thing they’ve done is added various landmarks, which show up at the more zoomed-in levels of zoom. Specifically, they are available in the four most zoomed in scales. If you want to see what landmarks have been included in a city, the easiest thing is to go to google maps, type in the name of a city, and then click zoom in twice (or maybe three times). For example, if you type in “Boston, MA” and zoom in twice, you get this:

You can see, Faneuil Hall, the Hancock Tower, and MIT. The little propeller-hat people just north of MIT signify one of the Google offices.

So, try it out (here). Just remember, the landmarks won’t show up at the default zoom level when you go to a city, so zoom in to see them.

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